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Tense Buster is a stimulating English language program for ESL learners — and it’s very popular. Users in schools and libraries ran over 360,000 sessions in 2016, with an average time of over four hours per user. The British Council, the world’s leading English language provider, adopted Tense Buster for all its centres, describing the program as "very popular with students, attractive and easy to use".


Tense Buster tackles 33 key grammar areas, from Elementary level all the way through to Advanced, making it useful for the whole spectrum of learners of English. The program includes presentation activities, practice exercises, pronunciation work and progress tests. It's highly interactive and provides feedback on learners' mistakes.


Direct access. The brand new library version gives users two options. The first is simply to click and access the whole program.

Simple flow of using Tense Buster

Level test. Alternatively, they can take a quick level test by inputting their email address. The users will receive their result after the test.

Simple flow of using Tense Buster

Email notification. They will then receive a link to a new unit at their level every week for six weeks. They can also go back to units they have completed.

Simple flow of using Tense Buster

Next level. At the end of the process, they can choose to delete their email address and exit the sytem, or to progress to the next level.

Some key features

Extremely popular

First published in 1993, Tense Buster has been enhanced and updated ever since. It’s Clarity’s most popular program.

Tense Buster is being used worldwide.

Detailed reporting

Users get detailed reports on their activities and progress, and librarians can access key usage metrics on demand or by email.

Instant feedback

Community focus

Tense Buster takes a multicultural approach with no single culture dominating. The focus is to promote clear communication between individuals.

Tense Buster is being used worldwide.

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Free resources and support materials

Syllabus documents, teacher training guides, posters and flyers to publicise your ClarityEnglish programs, and more. They are all included in your subscription with no additional charge.

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Technical specifications

Network versions require Windows 7/8/10

Online versions are hosted by ClarityEnglish

App version requires:

Resolution 1200 x 800 pixels or above

iOS 8.0 or above

Android 4.1 or above

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for Tense Buster,

or get the Android APK file.